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At the age of twenty-five, after writing for almost ten years, I find myself involved in my first professional writing project. All my life I have had a strong sense of that which is timeless.

No doubt, as societies come and go and we exist in a forever unfolding history, society's demons and vexations seem equally timeless. It is in the combining of timely issues with that timeless desire to improve our condition that we see humanity's best.


Being involved with the creation of this book has made me feel the enormity of Time's tides bearing down on me. Yet, at the same time this has strengthened my sense of my own singular humanity.

I did not feel futility, while working on this book. I felt a sense of heritage; that there have been thousands who have embraced and been embraced by the tide of history. Each of them was an individual who stood on the universal stone, who spoke in the voice of righteousness.


They probably knew, as I do, that they could not turn back history's tides, that you cannot get your hands on the Devil's throat by helping poor people. But,maybe we can stand up and say something true that has not yet been said, and do something to be a part of the solution.


Dan Weeks B.A. Creative Writing Binghampton '92 

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